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PUP floral


No more touchy-feely with PUP – comes in reseller 20 boxes (100 PUPs) and 100 boxes (500 PUPs) and OEM 1,000 boxes (5,000 PUPs – your design and brand)No more touchy-feely with PUP – comes in reseller 20 boxes (100 PUPs) and 100 boxes (500 PUPs) and OEM 1,000 boxes (5,000 PUPs )

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We designed PUP for those times when puppy owners are in a situation when they would prefer not to use a plastic bag and or having to carry a conspicuous plastic poop scoop device.

PUP simply separates you from the touchy-feely of picking up fresh warm poop with only a layer of a thin plastic bag and your hand and for those of you who hate carrying a bulky plastic scoop, shovel, etc to pick up after the fact.

PUP features:

PUP is made for recyclable card stock putting a solid layer between your hand and puppy poop
PUP comes flat to fit in your pocket or purse
PUP opens in seconds ready to use
PUP scoops and pushes the poop into the unit
PUP locks to prevent the poop for falling out on its way to the rubbish bin
PUP is beautifully designed so that it never looks like you are picking up poop
We loved designing and making this product to take away the negatives you or members of your family might have for walking your puppy in public places.

PUP has to be carefully manufactured because of the complicated gluing and folding which all has to be done individually by hand. We did not want to compromise on the design and functionality to make it easier to manufacture and reduce the cost. I hope you appreciate us going the extra mile for you.

We suggest you buy this from your local pet shop, it should cost you less but if you have no choice, order here with us.


Resellers who would like a way to sample PUP please contact us. Please contact us if you have a suggestion as to how we can better serve you.

It comes 5 to a retail box for consumers and 20 -100 boxes to a carton for retailers. Also, we can OEM PUP for your brand.

The suggested retail price is $5.00USD per box and sold to resellers with free shipping worldwide.

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